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Free Student Education goes Facebook

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

So, creators of Free Student Education, decided to write a facebook application just so that its easy for students to find everything that they need at one place. The whole idea of “One Stop Shop” inspired us to launch Free Student Edu on Facebook.

Two days back on April 9th 2008, Free Student Education crossed a century of users on Facebook. Thanks to all the family, friends, friends friends, friends friends friends (lol) and so on.

Rate my Professor

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

So, how many students actually has had good professors and bad professors?
I am sure many of you would like to actually post comments and actually rate your professors. This way, you can let the other students know what are the strong points and or weak points of taking class with the professor.

At Free Student Education contains a section “Rate My Professors” that contains over 7000 Schools/Universities across United States of America with over Half a Million of professors pre existing. We allow students to actually Rate their schools and also Professors. Moreover, the students also have the ability to actually add faculty or school in case if they are missing.

Free Classifieds for Books

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

So, why do we really pay so much feess to books selling websites like or amazon or etc. Look at Craigslist, such a nice and easy way of advertising. However the only draw back with that is that, users don’t have ability to actually edit their add and also its not as attractive.

We at Free Student Education strive to actually take out a good solution where students can actually either exchange or sell their books. With this best and newest technology, students have the ability to actually list their books online, which is then really well Search engine Optimized and thus submitted to a lot of search engines. Thus their ad for books is actually available throughout the world. Not only all this, the classifieds section at Free Student Edu is free of charge !!

Free Essays, Term papers, Research Papers

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

This blog here, is started to support and enhance the use of
Free Student Education offers students to submit essays, research papers, term papers for free. Moreover, if the user registers with this free website, users also have the ability to edit their essays, by looking at the comments and ratings received by other people. This way offering always the best to the audience.

With this best and greatest technology, people have the ability to actually teach other students by sharing their knowledge.


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